The Health Benefits of Ash Gourd By Dr. M.R Vasudevan Namboothiri

Dr. M.R Vasudevan Namboothiri‘s insightful examination delves into the extraordinary and versatile medicinal advantages of ash gourd, known as ‘kooshmandam’ in Sanskrit. Ash gourd, a widely cultivated vegetable in India, emerges as a veritable powerhouse in the domain of natural remedies. Ayurvedic practitioners have held this unassuming vegetable in high esteem for generations, harnessing its therapeutic properties to address a broad spectrum of health issues, from persistent coughs to cognitive enhancement. This blog discusses the health benefits of ash gourd.

Ash gourd

The Nutritional Powerhouse:

At the core of ash gourd’s potency lies its astonishing water content, which reaches an impressive 96%. This not only makes it a nutritious dietary component but also a potent medicinal ally. Its adaptability makes it a suitable choice for a plethora of ailments, with a particular focus on those related to the urinary system.

Supporting Urinary Health:

Dr. Namboothiri sheds light on the health benefits of ash gourd in urinary conditions. It aids in urine excretion and the dissolution of troublesome urinary stones. For individuals grappling with the discomfort of urinary tract stones, the daily inclusion of ash gourd juice is highly recommended, offering a natural and gentle approach to addressing this ailment.

The Remarkable ‘Kushmanda Rasayana’ :

Among the many treasures within ash gourd’s arsenal, ‘Kushmanda Rasayana’ stands out as a notable mention. Renowned for its delightful taste, this remedy is effective in combating dysentery and fortifying the immune system of the lungs. Such properties make it an invaluable resource, particularly in safeguarding children from recurrent lung infections, especially when plagued by persistent coughs.

Epilepsy Treatment and Cognitive Enhancement:

Furthermore, Dr. Namboothiri explores the significance of ash gourd in epilepsy treatment. A simple mixture of half a teaspoon of powdered licorice and half a glass of ash gourd juice presents a promising remedy. Additionally, ‘Ashtadasa kushmanda ghrita’ stands as another essential contributor to epilepsy management.

Combatting Intestinal Worms and Enhancing Memory:

Dried and powdered ash gourd seeds can be blended with honey, forming an effective remedy against intestinal worms in children. Furthermore, this remedy exhibits promise in enhancing memory, showcasing the versatility of ash gourd in addressing multifaceted health concerns.

Long-Term Use Without Side Effects:

One of the most appealing aspects of ash gourd as a medicinal resource is its impeccable safety record. This non-toxic vegetable thrives abundantly in Indian fields, requiring minimal care. While its thick skin is often removed before use, it in no way diminishes its value as a valuable and safe resource for overall health and wellness.


In conclusion, Dr. M.R Vasudevan Namboothiri’s exploration of ash gourd’s diverse medicinal benefits reveals a true natural wonder. From urinary health to respiratory well-being, from epilepsy management to cognitive enhancement, ash gourd stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of Ayurvedic wisdom. Its adaptability and safety underscore its significance in the realm of traditional medicine, offering a promising path toward holistic health and wellness





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