tennis elbow syndrome symptom

The Common Symptoms of Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow, clinically referred to as lateral epicondylitis, is a prevalent musculoskeletal ailment characterized by inflammation and swelling of the tendons connecting the forearm muscles to the elbow joint. This condition typically arises from repetitive strain on the elbow, often associated with activities like playing tennis or engaging in other vigorous sports. Beyond sports, occupations involving repetitive arm movements can also predispose individuals to this condition. Consequently, the term “tennis elbow” can be misleading, as it affects not only athletes but also individuals with various professional backgrounds. In this article, we delve into the intricacies of tennis elbow, exploring symptoms of tennis elbow.

tennis elbow syndrome symptom

Pain on the Lateral Side of the Elbow

One of the major symptoms of tennis elbow is pain on the outer portion of the elbow. This pain may range from mild discomfort to severe, sharp sensations, especially during activities that involve gripping or twisting motions.

Inability to Perform Certain Forearm Functions

Individuals with tennis elbow may experience difficulty performing everyday tasks that require the use of the forearm. Simple actions such as lifting objects, gripping utensils, or even shaking hands can become challenging due to the discomfort and weakness associated with this condition.

tennis elbow pain

Pain While Stretching the Forearm

Activities that involve stretching the forearm, such as reaching for objects or extending the wrist, can exacerbate the pain in tennis elbow syndrome. Even seemingly innocuous movements like turning a doorknob or typing on a keyboard can trigger discomfort in the affected elbow.

Tenderness to Touch on the Outside of the Elbow

Tennis elbow often leads to tenderness and sensitivity to touch along the outer aspect of the elbow. This tenderness may be localized to specific points known as tender points, which can elicit sharp pain upon pressure.

Aggravation of Pain with Forceful Wrist Movements

Another characteristic symptom of tennis elbow is the worsening of pain with activities that involve forceful wrist movements. Actions like lifting heavy objects, using tools, or twisting motions can intensify the discomfort, making everyday tasks challenging and painful.

pain in wrist due to tennis elbow

Tennis Elbow Treatment at Raha Ayurveda

The Ayurvedic treatment for tennis elbow at Raha Ayurveda focuses on the root cause rather than just symptoms. By balancing doshas, enhancing circulation, and rejuvenating tendons and muscles, Ayurvedic treatment offers long-term relief from chronic pain, making it a popular choice for sufferers seeking holistic healing.





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