Health benefits of lemon juice article by Dr. Vasudevan Namboothiri

The Miraculous Benefits of Lemon Juice: Health Revelations by Dr. M.R. Vasudevan Namboothiri

In a captivating article recently featured in the Malayala Manorama newspaper, esteemed health specialist Dr. M.R. Vasudevan Namboothiri illuminates the benefits of lemon juice. Namboothiri’s exploration into the medicinal properties of lemons serves as a poignant reminder of the extraordinary potency found in nature’s abundant offerings.

benefits of lemon


Health Benefits of Lemon Juice

At the core of lemon’s healing prowess lies a complex blend of essential nutrients. According to Namboothiri, lemons encompass a rich amalgamation of citric acid, trace amounts of vitamin B, and a plentiful supply of potassium. Of noteworthy significance, citric acid, extracted from the lemon peel’s yellow volatile oil, assumes responsibility for several of the fruit’s medicinal characteristics.

Fascinatingly, owing to its acidic nature, lemon juice possesses purifying qualities when added to water. The article accentuates that scientific studies have revealed the sterilizing capacity of water when infused with lemon juice and left for a mere ten minutes—an indisputable testament to the fruit’s potent antibacterial properties. 

benefits of lemon

Furthermore, the consumption of lemon juice has been linked to enhanced digestion. During the Covid-19 pandemic, lemon juice experienced a surge in usage as a home remedy, with patients frequently advised to consume a mixture of hot water and lemon juice. In an intriguing aside, Dr. Namboothiri suggests employing lemon juice for dental hygiene. A swift brushing with a toothbrush dipped in lemon juice can alleviate unpleasant breath and combat gum disease, thus ensuring a revitalized and pristine oral cavity.

The utility of lemon juice transcends individual well-being and extends into daily lifestyle practices. For instance, employing hot lemon water for handwashing after meals can augment cleanliness, while a combination of lemon juice and salt proves to be an effective treatment for children experiencing digestive issues or a diminished appetite.

According to Dr. Namboothiri, a blend of lemon juice and honey, consumed early in the day, can aid in reducing body fat. Even in the treatment of more acute ailments like scorpion bites, a remedy consisting of grated tulsi leaves mixed with lemon juice can yield substantial benefits.


In conclusion, Dr. Namboothiri’s comprehensive investigation vividly portrays the extraordinary capabilities of lemons. Lemon juice emerges as a triple blessing for humankind, serving as a nourishing beverage, a potent digestive aid, and an efficient water purifier. Undoubtedly, these revelations regarding the benefits of lemon juice underscore the immense healing potential inherent in nature, quietly nestled within our everyday pantry.


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