article on boosting health in karkidakam or karkidaka chikitsa

Ayurvedic Way of Boosting Health in Karkidakam – A Guide by Dr. M.R. Vasudevan Namboothiri

According to Dr. M.R. Vasudevan Namboothiri, changes in the climate can significantly affect human body strength and immunity. The summer and rainy seasons, in particular, are considered to be highly immunosuppressive periods. During summer, body strength starts to decline and reaches its lowest point during the monsoons. Ayurveda points out several ways for Boosting Health in Karkidakam.

Significance of Karkidakam in Maintaining Health as per Ayurveda

Dr. Namboothiri emphasizes that Karkidakam, the month of the rainy season in Kerala, is the ideal time of the year to focus on maintaining health and addressing health issues. Boosting health in Karkidakam very essential. Ayurvedic treatments are highly beneficial during this climate. To ensure good health, it is essential to consider factors such as a nutritious diet, regular exercise, and detoxification.

Exercise for getting healthy and fit

Importance of Detoxification in Karkidakam

The accumulation of impurities in the human body over time is a cause for concern, making it crucial to eliminate these toxins. Dr. Namboothiri suggests utilizing a few days in the month of karkidakam for treatment to expel the accumulated toxins and maintain health. This practice has always been emphasized by Ayurvedic practitioners from Kerala for boosting health in karkidakam. Similar to servicing a new vehicle at specific intervals, cleansing the human body once a year is necessary. This can help combat lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity, as well as reduce the risk of hereditary diseases.

When undergoing treatments, doctors must take into account the individual’s body strength, digestive power, and nature of work. Dr. Namboothiri explains that external and internal medicinal applications, along with treatments like virechanam and Vasti, have proven to prevent diseases and improve health over time.

detoxification for improving health in monsoon/ karkidakam


In his article, Dr. M.R. Vasudevan Namboothiri highlights the impact of climate on human health. The month of karkidakam  provides an opportunity for Ayurvedic treatments to detoxify and enhance immunity. Traditional remedies and personalized care are gaining popularity, encouraging a holistic approach to health and wellness. By recognizing the significance of seasonal variations and embracing Ayurvedic wisdom, individuals can take proactive steps to maintain good health.


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