The Benefits of Breastfeeding – By Dr. M.R. Vasudevan Namboothiri

Dr. M.R. Vasudevan Namboothiri emphasizes that breast milk stands as the most superior source of nutrition for babies, offering a sterile, convenient, and emotionally bonding experience. In our fast-paced and image-conscious society, some mothers tend to downplay the significance of breastfeeding, opting for artificial infant food instead. Here Dr. Namboothiri highlights the benefits of breastfeeding. Every year, the first week of August is observed as World Breastfeeding Week, aiming to staunchly defend and educate people about the importance of breastfeeding. Numerous international initiatives also seek to accentuate the benefits of breastfeeding on a global scale. Dr. Namboothiri brings attention to the fact that children, who are vulnerable to infectious diseases and the effects of natural disasters, obtain their primary immunity from breast milk, which is rich in immunity-building components like immunoglobulins.
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Nutritional Guidelines for Breastfeeding Mothers- Breastfeeding Diet

Dr. Namboothiri notes that mothers produce the most milk in the first few months after giving birth. The doctor also recommends that to ensure the complete nutritional and energy content of breast milk, mothers should follow a nutritional breastfeeding diet. Mothers have to understand the benefits of breastfeeding. They have to consume plenty of cow’s milk, grains, pulses, vegetables, and fruits, suggesting about four glasses of milk per day. However, he warns that factors such as malnutrition, hunger, sadness, anger, and mental stress can hinder milk production. It is advisable to exclusively breastfeed the baby until they reach the age of six months.

Afterward, it is recommended to introduce natural and easily digestible foods while continuing to breastfeed until the age of two years. Dr. Namboothiri mentions that Ayurvedic medicines are available today to increase breast milk production. There is a specialized Ayurvedic branch called Kaumarabhrithyam, focusing on the health of children. Lastly, he advises breastfeeding mothers to exercise extreme caution with their medication intake. Because it could pass to the baby through the milk.

Enlightening the Path to a Healthier Future

Breastfeeding Week serves as a testament to the importance of breastfeeding. Breast milk serves as a shield against diseases for children, arming them with nature’s best defense. Understanding the significance of breastfeeding is not merely a choice. It is a responsibility we bear to ensure the health and resilience of our children. Dr. Nambootthiri’s article sheds light on breastfeeding, illuminating the path to a brighter, healthier future for our little ones.


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