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Fever Facts: Causes, Prevention, and Enhancing Immunity – Insights from Dr. M.R Vasudevan Namboothiri

As we approach a season when various types of fevers become prevalent, it is important to acknowledge the insights shared by Dr. M.R Vasudevan Namboothiri. Among these fevers, influenza poses a significant concern, ranging from mild illness to potentially life-threatening conditions. Often, individuals resort to costly specialist tests even for minor cold symptoms. Therefore, it becomes paramount to educate the public about the causes and prevention of fever.

Fever as a Symptom: Simple Measures for Relief and Recovery

Dr. Namboothiri explains that fever is a natural response of the body, occurring when the body’s temperature rises due to physical activities. The hypothalamus, acting as the body’s temperature-regulating center, responds to the accumulation of toxins in the body, leading to an increase in temperature. These toxins typically stem from disease-causing bacteria or certain foods. Understanding the underlying cause is crucial in determining the appropriate treatment for elevated body temperature. Consequently, it is vital to recognize that fever is merely a symptom, and some fevers can be relieved through simple measures like proper hydration and rest. Furthermore, climate change contributes to an increased risk of disease outbreaks, while a weakened immune system can also lead to fevers.

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Prioritizing Hygiene and Lifestyle: Strengthening Immunity

Dr. Namboothiri highlights recent findings by the World Health Organization (WHO) that indicate global warming and modern lifestyles adversely affect the quality of immunoglobulins, vital components of the immune system. Given these circumstances, Dr. Namboothiri emphasizes the significance of prioritizing personal hygiene, social hygiene, mosquito control, and other preventive measures. Additionally, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle plays a crucial role in bolstering our immunity. 

Enhancing Immunity: Organic and Herbal Medicines

To enhance the body’s immune system, Dr. Namboothiri suggests the use of organic and herbal medicines. Taking preventive Ayurvedic medicines can effectively impede the spread of viral fever within a household, even if one person becomes infected.

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The doctor recommends simple preventive measures such as consuming a mixture of coffee, dried ginger, and tulsi or a blend of chammanthi with curry leaves, ginger, and onion. Furthermore, Dr. Namboothiri emphasizes the scientific evidence supporting the use of Aparajitadhupa, a smoking herb, to reduce the viral load in the air, making it a valuable tool in combating fevers. 

To know more about the causes and prevention of fever, read the full article on Malayala Manorama Newspaper.


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