Obesity Management

“Eating too much and moving too little”. Obesity is now one of the horrifying causes of death which needs excess care and concern, If we talk about obesity we will have to talk about the secondary healthy issues lying behind it, such as diabetes, body pain, stress, high/low blood pressure and many other. Overweight and obesity are caused by increase in size and amount of fat cells in body due to unhealthy life habits such as junk food, lack of exercises etc. Age, sex, genetics, family history are also contributing factor in the cause of obesity.

Ayurveda considers Obesity as Santharpana Janya vyadhi, that means those diseases caused by over nutrition. At Raha Ayurveda we have developed a five-line approach towards treating obesity and overweight. Life style management, diet modification, intensive exercise sessions, internal and external Ayurvedic therapies. Udwarthanam, lepanam, steam bath, abhyangam, decoction enema are few of the classical treatments within the course. All treatments will be prescribed and implemented after careful and detailed consultation sessions by physicians.

Our expert team includes Ayurvedic Physicians, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Consultant, Physiotherapists and Yoga - Naturapthy Doctors.

role of ayurveda in obesity

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