Fem 40 Care

Fem 40 Care is an exclusive package from Raha Ayurveda for females after 40 years of age, more specifically to those who are nearing menopause or are on menopausal age. As we all know women have to cross through a wave of hormonal changes after the age of 40 years. These hormonal changes on the other hand results in several health conditions such as arthritic joint pains, osteoarthritis,osteoporosis, mood swings, Thyroid related disorders, night sweating, depression, sleep disturbances etc. Implementation of Ayurvedic therapies and classical herbal internal medications will make you relieved of all the hardships you face carving you into a new and confident individual. Programme includes special treatments like Snehapanam, Abhyangam , Elakizhi, Vasthi etc along with clubbing of proper exercise and yoga - meditation sessions.

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