De Addiction Programme

Substance Use Disorder is a global health issue. 1 out of 20 people aged between 15 and 64 years uses drugs or other narcotics substances. Alcohol consumption affects virtually every organ of your body, namely kidneys, lungs, heart, liver etc. which in turn will ruin up your entire life. Gradually an individual will be emotionally, physically and personally muddled up. Similar is the case of smoking and drug abuse.

We at Raha Ayurveda have very effective treatment for De Addiction have very effective treatment for De Addiction from alcohol, drug abuse and smoking. Primarily, effective Ayurveda medication for internal use will be implemented with or without the knowledge of an addicted person. Once the individual is on a recovery track, he will be undergoing detoxification therapy that is Panchakarma. Minimum duration of treatment is 4 months, on the other hand hospitalization is needed only for 14 days. There will not be any complication and this treatment is advised for any age group. Individual counselling, yoga therapy, meditation and relaxation techniques will be also implemented. There is no side effect and no drug interaction.

Our expert team includes Ayurvedic Physicians, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Consultant, Physiotherapists and Yoga - Naturapthy Doctors.

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