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Job Vacancy for Physiotherapist and Nurse

Are you a medical professional looking to make a change? Why not become a part of our fantastic team and influence healthcare professionals everywhere? 

A reputed health care organisation in Ernakulam is in need of new team members to assist in executing their ambitious strategy. Check out the  listed below to learn more about the available medical jobs in kerala, how to apply and what the jobs entail.


Medical Jobs in Kerala Details:

Job Title: Physiotherapist

Experience: A physiotherapist with a minimum of two years experience is required.

Education: Must hold a BPT or MPT from a recognised institute.


  • Evaluating the physical status of patients
  • Creating treatment strategies to take care of patient’s ailments and requirements
  • Executing sophisticated mobilisation procedures
  • Helping injured people learn how to walk again
  • Teaching patients, their families, and the general public how to avoid accidents and have healthy lives
  • Directing patients to physicians and other healthcare professionals.
  • Arranging physical therapy and exercise programmes.


Job Title: Nurse

Education: Professionals with BSc Nursing, GNM, or ANM


  • Identifying Patients care requirements
  • Pay attention to patient issues.
  • Taking care of or reporting on patient’s needs or issues
  • Observe and document the patient’s condition, as well as the care provided.
  • Observe safety guidelines and standards.
  • Work within a multidisciplinary team and collaborate with it.


The salary provided is the best in the industry. Candidates interested in applying should send their CVs to  


For more details, contact +91 954 460 5292 or visit us at   


Company Details:

Raha Ayurvedic Hospital and Integrated Rehabilitation

Situated in Cochin, Kerala, Raha Ayurveda Hospital is an authentic Ayurvedic medical centre that promotes wellness and recovery for a full life. They offer all traditional Panchakarma therapies as well as unique therapies. Raha Ayurveda, with over 25 years of experience, incorporates effective treatment systems and employs all time-tested, scientifically validated methods to treat all illnesses. 






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