Beauty Care Programme

Every individual in this world is beautiful in one way or another , it s just that you only need a little natural and loving touch of Science of Life - Ayurveda to it. Since face is the major area of concern for beauty care for every individual, Raha Ayurveda has a special programme in this regard where you will be pampered with the exotic natural herbs which are pure and divine. Selective ayurveda therapies like face massage, face packs,steam bath, full body massage - Abhyangam will improve the circulation of vital fluids which in turn can improve the skin texture, skin complexion, muscle tone and quality of hair, there by delivering you with a glowy skin and admirable beauty. Package also includes intake of herbal medicines, juices, dietary advises and also sessions of yoga - meditation to relax yourself. Duration of the programme will be for 3/7/14 days.

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